This is the philosophy I try to live by—at least, I am doing my best every day. Given the right circumstances and motivational drivers, I believe in people's ability to learn and develop each day.

In my own journey, I have experienced different states of mind and being, leading to sometimes desired outcomes, and other times more unexpected and nuanced ones. With increased awareness and support, the development of self will be on a positive trajectory, which is why I focus on this as part of being a friend, partner, parent, and colleague. We grow as individuals, which enables us to work better with ourselves and others. That, in turn, allows organizations to develop and bring more autonomy and individuality.

We need to do the work! And it is only with that first step into the new path that will allow one to feel the energy that comes with it. I am a coach, facilitator, partner, parent, and human being who deeply cares about making my and others’ lives more joyful. I hope I get that chance to share that joy with you.

If you want to learn more about how I can support your growth and grounding—please book 30 min. with me, and we will start exploring together.

In the meantime:
– I take lots of pictures
– I do some ceramics