This is the philosophy I strive to embody every day—doing my best to empower individuals and organizations to learn, grow, and create thriving companies. Nature serves as my inspiration, as it beautifully illustrates the principles of balance, resilience, and interconnectedness.

Throughout my personal journey, I've encountered diverse experiences that have shaped my understanding of human potential. By fostering self-awareness and providing support, I believe we can chart a positive path of personal and professional development. I prioritize nurturing individual and community growth, enabling us to work harmoniously with ourselves and others. Through this synergy, organizations can cultivate autonomy and embrace individuality.

We all have a part to play in this transformative process. Taking that first step onto a new path is invigorating, and I am here to guide you along the way. As a consultant, coach, partner, parent, and fellow human being, I am dedicated to bringing joy and fulfillment to my life and the lives of others. It is my sincere hope to share this joy with you.

TL;DR: What I can help with

  • Consulting (& implementation) in Operations, People & Culture, Analytics, IT & Security, and HR.
  • Coaching leaders and managers seeking to solidify their growth path.
  • Fractional Head of Operations role for a duration of 3–9 months.

Operations as a Service (OaaS)

When starting a business and aiming for rapid growth, numerous tasks demand your attention. These distractions can draw you away from your true passion and expertise, leaving you to navigate unfamiliar territories of knowledge, complex systems, and legal considerations. In our interconnected world, where teams, workloads, and complexity expand rapidly, this can become quite overwhelming.

Even if your company has been established for some time, certain issues may have been neglected and require attention. Enhancing onboarding processes, implementing structured project communication, strengthening security measures, adopting best practices, and realizing substantial annual savings on tools and services are just a few areas where improvements may be necessary.

How do we achieve these objectives? It begins with grounding ourselves and embracing a humanOS approach. Like any operating system, we must establish conditions and structures supporting human motivation and growth within organizations. Together, we will delve deep to comprehend the factors driving your company's functioning and success, identifying areas of friction and frustration. This process will provide us with an invaluable roadmap for our journey together.


  • Develop a comprehensive overview of your current state and future direction.
  • Thoroughly assess all tools and services to consolidate, improve productivity, and achieve significant annual savings.
  • Analytical understanding of employee experience journey, from interviews to post-employment alumni.
  • Coach and foster trust and transparent leadership.
  • Conduct a strategic review of IT & Security best practices and compliance.
  • Guide HR/People best practices and ensure compliance.
  • HRIS & ATS selection and implementation.
  • Evaluate and implements PEO & EOR transitions as needed.
  • Analyze health and benefits offerings with focus on improvement.
  • Implement and integrate new technical tools and services with emphasis on secuirty and compliance.
  • Manage and secure company hardware (MDM).
  • Document guidelines and policy docs.


  • Create a nurturing space for profound self-discovery, both personally and professionally, to support your larger mission of finding motivation and contentment.
  • Help you overcome obstacles and liberate yourself from daily routines and limiting thoughts that hinder joy.
  • Set precise goals and craft plans for intentional progress.

Types of Relationships

  • Ongoing Support: Engage in a monthly retainer (40–80 hours) for continuous guidance and assistance as your company grows
  • Project-Based Collaboration: Partner on specific initiatives, addressing immediate needs and achieving targeted objectives.
  • Fractional Role: Operations & Technical (3–9 months) to provide leadership during critical growth phases.
  • Executive Coaching: Enhance your leadership skills and propel your career forward (min. 3 months commitment).

What’s Next

If you want to learn more about how I can support defining your company’s humanOS or own growth and grounding—please reach out by email or book 30 min. with me, and we will start exploring together.

With heart,
Kristian Kruse

In the meantime:
Kristian Kruse